Student foundation at uc san diego

The UC San Diego Student Foundation promotes a culture of philanthropy by teaching fellow students how to invest, fundraise and manage an endowment, all in the name of student scholarships. Last year, the Student Foundation raised $47,000 with the help of 1,105 donors and gave out 12 scholarships to students here on campus.

Role: Design & marketing Intern

October 2014 - Present

My role is to help the Student Foundation with its branding, website, and marketing strategy. I am the main designer for the UC San Diego Student Foundation. My focus is to create fun, engaging, and informative designs in both print and web to get students interested in philanthropy. I develop themes and maintain consistent brand identity for newsletters, informational pieces, t-shirts, brochures, websites, emails, and videos. I also develop, implement and evaluate effective social media strategies and campaigns and actively manage an effective presence on social media.

With my skills, I am able to design and maintain Student Foundation's image. I actively interact with the Advisor and executive board members, to create external marketing collateral (print and web) geared to students and potential investors.


When I started working with the Student Foundation, it began with a little less than 500 followers on their Facebook page. Now it has garnered nearly 1700 organic followers with an active community. This past year the Student Foundation, made their biggest impact yet. They were able to raise $47,000 with 1,105 student donors! This shows the philanthropic spirit of UC San Diego's students and their belief that they should help their fellow students be able to afford and succeed in college. I am very fortunate to be part of this fantastic group and can't wait to see a bigger growth this year!