Design at UCSD

Design at UCSD is pre-professional organization that aims to be the center of design thinking here at UCSD. It hopes to bridge the gap between the Human-Computer Interaction program and industry, while also engaging other disciplines. The goals this year are to establish our presence at UCSD, grow by solidifying design at UCSD by partnering with the design industry, and end the year by hosting UC San Diego's first design conference

Role: Marketing Campaign Manager

October 2016 - Present

My role as Marketing Campaign Manager was to ideate and coordinate marketing initiatives. I was also responsible for managing all our social media accounts such as Facebook, Facebook Group, and Instagram


Design at UCSD's social media and presence on campus is continually growing at a fast rate.  Their online presence has doubled and its reach has sharply increased as well.  

Alumni Spotlight

One campaign I lead in developing was the Alumni Spotlight series for Facebook. This series highlights notable members of the Design at UCSD community who have made an impact in the organization and beyond. I wanted to showcase their experiences, insight, and advice for pursuing a successful career in design. I reached out to alumni who were more than happy to help with this campaign. This campaign has garnered a lot of attention and it helped undergraduates with a better understanding of design and careers in design. This campaign is currently ongoing.

Upcoming Work

I am also leading a team on a social media campaign that is focused on educating new designers about UX methods and skills. Launching soon.